All the King’s Men Series

A Laird and a GentlemanA Laird and a Gentleman: At a time when witches are hunted with fanatical zeal, Cameron faces the ultimate test—protect the woman he’s grown to love or risk it all to help her unlock the mystery of her powerful past?

Scottish Laird Cameron Sinclair is one of the king’s elite warriors. Despite his legendary reputation on the battlefield, he’s tasked to protect the daughter of the king’s infamous witch pricker. Cameron does his duty, taking the lass home to his castle and keeping her safe, but he’s not expecting the mysterious beauty to test his every nerve.

Mariam Swinton struggles daily to keep her secrets safe. Her intense attraction to her handsome and astute guardian, who rules the vast Ravenscraig with strength and kindness, scares her almost as much as her growing magical abilities. But danger stalks Mariam. Can she trust Cameron to protect her or must she leave to save herself?

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A Temptress in TartanA Temptress in Tartan:  Can two sworn enemies run from a fate that was thrust upon them…or surrender to each other? 

Lachlan Douglas’s hatred for the Ruthvens was born when he was a lad of seven, the day that clan murdered his mother and father. They took everything from him without mercy, leaving him with nothing but a heart of stone. Now, one of King James VI’s mightiest warriors, Lachlan wreaks havoc on enemies of the Scottish crown. When the Ruthvens stir up trouble for the king and the Douglas clan once more, Lachlan faces his greatest opponent yet—a bold, beautiful lass who wants to see him dead at any cost.

When Elizabeth Ruthven finds herself at the royal court to be used as a peace offering between the Ruthven and Douglas clans, she has no interest in marrying her enemy. Elizabeth is determined to continue the family feud, but she isn’t prepared for the brawny, brooding warrior who invades her life—and her heart. He is an infuriating, irresistible opponent with a curious touch, a smoldering kiss, and a reluctant smile that begins to shine on her alone.

As Elizabeth tries to sort out her feeling for her enemy, danger and treachery loom when her clansmen accuse Lachlan of sorcery. In a time when witches are hunted with fanatical zeal, Elizabeth must choose between forgiveness and love, or a chance at revenge at the end of the hangman’s noose.

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Romancing the LairdRomancing the Laird: With her sister facing the gallows, she risks it all… even her heart

Legendary Scottish laird and warrior Reid Douglas has never met his match on or off the battlefield until Lucy Livingston – his bride-to-be. Lucy is no meek maiden content to stay at home. She’s trained in the art of war and is determined to destroy the king Reid has vowed to protect with his life.

Lucy doesn’t want to wed the handsome, brawny laird, but it is an excellent cover she can use to get close to the king, who is engaged in a campaign to rid Scotland of witches. Lucy must protect her sister from enemies who know an accusation of witchcraft, no matter how tenuous, is a death sentence.

They should be sworn enemies. But Lucy can’t deny the sparks that fly whenever she vies with her husband in and out of their bedroom. And Reid finds his wife’s spirit intoxicating – making him long for more than war. Can two opposing warriors find peace in each other’s arms?

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Seven Nights with a Scot: As witch hunt fervor sweeps across Scotland, it is even more challenging for Vivian Sinclair to hide her gifts of precognition and healing—and more dangerous. Her guardian, King James, betroths Vivian to one of his most loyal warriors thinking the powerful Douglas clan can keep her safe, but when Quinn Douglas arrives to take Vivian to his twin brother as a bride, he barely thwarts a mob calling to burn the witch. He rescues Vivian, and they begin the perilous journey to her new home.

When a powerful man wants Vivian dead, their escape across Scotland, placing Quinn and Vivian in daily peril, is besieged by the attraction sizzling between them. With each day and each mile, he finds himself falling more deeply in love with his twin’s betrothed. He cannot betray his brother, and he’s pledged to serve his king, but Quinn cannot imagine letting Vivian go.

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Contemporary Series

Married at Midnight thumbMarried at Midnight: Ellie Hawthorne’s event planning business desperately needs a jolt of life. Determined to drum up leads, she heads to Las Vegas for a trade conference—and has one too many shots of tequila. The next morning, Ellie wakes up with a ring on her finger and a bedfellow who’s also the last person she expected to see again: Connor Grayson, the high school boyfriend who broke her heart.

Connor is in Vegas hoping to secure funds for his self-driving car project. He’s as shocked as Ellie at their accidental marriage. But when he finds out that his beloved grandmother, Viola, has suffered a heart attack, he begs Ellie to keep up the charade—at least until Viola recovers.

Neither of them counted on Viola’s insistence that they take up residence in her Victorian mansion together, or her giving Ellie a job decorating the place for a holiday open house. With a little help from Viola and four elderly Elvis impersonators, can these former sweethearts find lasting love?

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Along Came Mr. Right thumbAlong Came Mr. Right: Olivia Tyler loves helping foster children find their forever homes, but she’s still waiting for her forever love. Ever since her ex-boyfriend humiliated her on Facebook, she hasn’t been ready for a commitment. But on the night of the charity auction for her adoption agency, she gives in to temptation with a stranger who helps her out of a jam…and out of her bright-blue stilettos.

After the most mind-blowing romantic night of her life, everything about Max Right seems perfect: he’s handsome, chivalrous, and he’s about to launch an algorithm-based matchmaking app with an extraordinary success rate. But when Olivia finds out her mystery man is also someone else’s fiancé, no matter how much they seem to click, this romance doesn’t add up. For Olivia, unavailable means incompatible.

When a troubled teen comes to both of them for help, Olivia is willing to put their differences aside temporarily. But as the three spend time together, she discovers the truth about Max’s heart, and it just may be the key to opening her own.

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FelicitythumbFlirting with Felicity: Felicity Wright never expected to inherit the hotel where she works as head chef. But now, she’ll do anything to keep the Bancroft Hotel operating—even if that means mixing it up with the late owner’s handsome nephew, Blake Bancroft. He’s here to challenge her unexpected inheritance of the Bancroft Hotel, and there’s no way either of them are walking away without a fight.

When his uncle wills away his family’s oldest property, Blake Bancroft cooks up a plan to get it back. To check out his competition, he’ll need to check in. Too bad his first encounter with Felicity proves to be anything but smooth. As their battle over ownership begins, things begin to heat up between them—and not just in the kitchen. Their attraction may be a recipe for disaster. Yet with the right ingredients, it could turn into a recipe for love…

In her debut contemporary romance, award-winning historical romance author Gerri Russell whips up a sweet, passionate, and unforgettably delectable story.

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The Highland Bachelors Series

A Laird for Christmas: Lady Jane Lennox has a serious problem; with her father and brother presumed dead, she must marry in order to keep her home, Bellhaven Castle. In order to solve the problem, her aunt Margaret takes matters into her own hands and invites six eligible young men to the castle to compete for Jane’s hand in marriage.

Which one will win her heart—or which one has her heart already? And who’s trying to ensure Jane doesn’t inherit anything by making attempts on her life?

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This Laird of MineThis Laird of Mine: A solitary Highland nobleman invents a perfect wife in order to deter his matchmaking friends, but when the fictitious bride somehow arrives at his door, he’s torn between driving away the beautiful stranger and winning her in earnest.

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A Laird of Her OwnA Laird of Her Own: A Cinderella-tale between an injured painter and a laird who needs the love of a good woman to reveal to himself the prince that he truly is.




A Laird in Shining ArmorA Laird in Shining Armor: A Highland laird was not searching to be a hero the night he rescued a damsel in distress. That damsel would soon become his cherished guest, his lover…and the one weapon his enemy could use to destroy him.A Highland laird was not searching to be a hero the night he rescued a damsel in distress. That damsel would soon become his cherished guest, his lover…and the one weapon his enemy could use to destroy him.




The Stones of Destiny Series

Warrior Trainer: As the legendary warrior trainer, Scotia of Glencarron knew she had to protect the Stone of Destiny from invaders—but she never thought she’d have to protect her heart from a roguish clansman, Ian MacKinnon, seeking to learn her skills. When disaster strikes Scotland, Ian must choose to either leave Scotia behind to face a conflict for which she’s had no training or join her in the fight for Scotland’s salvation.
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Warrior’s Bride: Lady Isobel Grange has been sheltered from the world on an isolated island to keep her existence a secret from the world. When that secret is revealed, her life is in danger until she is rescued by a dark and dangerous Highlander. Douglas Stewart, known to his enemies as the Black Wolf, is ordered by his father to marry Isobel, but it’s a deed that will only lead down a path of danger and betrayal for them both.
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Warrior’s Lady: Camden Lockhart has hired mercenaries to kill every member of a rival clan after they destroyed his family. All he has left is his small niece, but no one knows the little girl’s location. When Rhiannon Ruthven arrives at Camden’s castle with his niece in tow, she has no idea she is walking into a nest of assassins. When Camden sees Rhiannon nearly sacrifice herself for another, he realizes his mistake. But will he be able to call off her murder in time?
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The Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Series

To Tempt a Knight: Upon his return to Scotland from the Crusades, Templar knight Sir William Keith is charged with finding a vital holy relic and protecting the daughter of its former guardian, Siobhan Fraiser—a task that will force him to choose between duty to his vows and desire for the beautiful courageous woman finally able to soften his battle-hardened heart.
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Seducing the Knight: Templar knight Sir Alan Cathcart and the Moorish princess, Jessamine Burundi, whom he saves from an arranged marriage must search for the legendary Ark of the Covenant. It’s a journey that takes them from the deserts in the cradle of civilization to the misty heathered Highlands of Scotland. But for these two who thrive on adventure, the greatest risk of all is abandoning themselves to the pleasures they find in each other’s arms.
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A Knight to Desire: Sir Simon Lockhart must reclaim the sword of Charlemagne and the Holy Grail while protecting his fellow Templars against a madman. Yet he’s distracted by Brianna St. Clair, a red-haired beauty, who has trained nearly her whole life to be a knight and is haunted by premonitions of a terrible battle. It’s these very visions that Simon hopes will lead them to the treasure and the traitor. But while Brianna can wield a sword as well as any man, she has no defense against Simon’s seductive pull.
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Border Lord’s Bride: Neither Lucius nor Elizabeth expects to join forces for the sake of his sisters. Or have their loyalties tested as they struggle against the potent desire that threatens to consume them both. She is the last woman on earth he wants to marry, yet the only woman he could ever imagine as the…Border Lord’s Bride.
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