Enchanted by the Highlander

Book Six In The Guardians of the Isles

He meant to rescue the beauty, instead she saved him.

Stolen by the fairies as an infant and finally returned to the human realm by his clan, Keiran MacLeod has cultivated a wall of aloofness about himself. To hide his differences from years in a magical realm, he focuses his attention on managing his brother, the laird’s, many estates. But when he risks his life to save the alluring Rosalyn de Clare from an attack by the English and heals her with magic, the temptress destroys his ability to remain detached from society and romantic entanglements.

Reluctantly traveling to Scotland to force-marry an ambitious English nobleman determined to occupy the Scottish Highlands, Rosalyn de Clare, is injured in a battle. Rescued by a handsome Highland warrior, Rosalyn now has a new fear—losing her heart. Keiran is unlike any man she’s ever met, and his sorrow and loneliness call to her to heart.

Keiran fears bringing Rosalyn to Dunvegan Castle. Their countries are on the verge of war, but a mock marriage may be the only path to ensure her safety as enemies gather close.

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“Gerri Russell…writes another enchanting paranormal masterpiece! A Scottish historical that will sweep readers off their feet and into her magical world.” — Purple Tulip Book Reviews

“This book is an amazing ride of romance, with a dash of political intrigue and the fantastical touch of the fairies, with villains that include vengeful Englishmen and a vengeful fairy ruler.” — Ellie P, Goodreads

“This is a delightful tale, and my favorite, so far, in this series. It’s filled with magic, romance, family, and acceptance. There are also depictions of loneliness, sibling emotional abuse, ghosts, premonitions, battles, and more. May I say that I love the Grey Lady?” — SS, Goodreads

“”Such a great read. Love these stories. Love the travel, romance, customs, action, strategies, politics, mystery, action and adventure, and so much more. Something for everyone. A KEEPER!” — Julie B., Goodreads

Rosalyn turned away, inhaling. She was supposed to be teaching him, not losing herself in the nuances of the attractive man before her. Rosalyn hurried through the remainder of the alphabet, and when she had finished, she asked him to start over from the beginning, this time without her aid. He did not miss a single letter. “You are a very quick study.”

His lips turned up in a smile. The effect was devastating. His features brightened, his eyes warmed, and against her will, her heart fluttered again.

Rosalyn cleared her throat and turned her attention to the book on the table. “Let us look at the words in here and try to pronounce them so you can see the correlation between letters and words. Chapter One. My father had a small estate in Nottinghamshire; I was the third of five sons.” And so, the book continued, introducing Lemuel Gulliver, and setting the stage for his adventurous life as a sea captain. She had had to help him with most of the words, but by the end of the chapter, he was starting to recognise most of the two- and three-letter words on his own.

She shut the book. “That is remarkable progress for your first lesson, Keiran.” His advancement was due more to his ability to learn than her own teaching skills, but today he had given her a different gift than his healing. He had given her back a glimmer of hope that her life might amount to something as a tutor.

Instead of the smile she expected at her praise, Keiran shrugged. “I had to learn quickly in Fairyland. It was either learn and survive or fail and die.”

Rosalyn flinched. “It is hard to imagine the uncertainty and danger you faced. How did you escape?”

“Aria and Graeme came for me.” His brows lowered as he regarded her. “I believe you had similar experiences.”

“I was ignored, lonely, but never in physical danger, at least not that I knew about until coming to Scotland.”

“Enough about the past.” He stood. “Now it is my turn to teach you something about being Scottish. Since you did such a stellar job for our first lesson, my task is made all the harder.”

A smile came to her lips. “This is not a competition.”

He arched a brow. “It can be if we make it one.”

“I understand the benchmark for you. When you can read and write, I will know I have succeeded. How will you know if I have fully embraced my Scottish half or not?”

“I will know and so will you,” he said with confidence.

Seemed a little ambiguous but who was she to argue? Her goal could be easily attained. “What about the stakes? I have little left to give.”

“You wish to be a tutor, do you not?” Keiran said, his voice gentle.

“It is the only skill I have that might help sustain my life,” she said honestly. “After my success with you, I hope to find a permanent position here in the Highlands, for England will never accept me in society again after my misfortune.”

“You did not cause your misfortune. The aristocracy would understand that, would they not?”

“The aristocratic ladies will call me a whore and their husbands will try to corner me in empty rooms if I am admitted to any social gatherings,” she said tartly. How could he know such a thing, having lived most of his life until now in a fantastical land of his own?

Keiran’s gaze turned thoughtful for a moment before his brown eyes held both amusement and a silent plea. “Here is what I propose. If I win our challenge, then you will stay at Dunvegan as a tutor to Alastair and Gwendolyn’s children.”

She frowned. “Good heavens. They are but infants.”

“They will grow, and in the meantime, you could function as their nanny. Gwendolyn does not get much sleep. She could use your help.”

“You would want me to stay here?”

He nodded. “Much has happened to us both in our pasts, and I feel a surprising kinship with you.”

Since the moment he first took her into his arms to heal her, she had felt the same, but was that reason enough to stay? “And if I win?”

“I will ask Alastair to help find you a position with one of our neighbouring clans, and for myself I would take a kiss.”

“One kiss?”

“Aye, but not just any kiss. It must be a meaningful kiss.”

She crossed her arms, thinking. With what he offered, she would take a prize if she won or lost this challenge between them. All she had to sacrifice was one kiss. She swallowed roughly. One kiss had led her here to Scotland. Would kissing Keiran lead to a similar disaster? Yet even as the thought took hold it was not fear that sent her heart racing. “I cannot deny your proposal has appeal,” Rosalyn said. “We would both be taking a great leap of faith, for we scarcely know each other.”

“Or do we know each other better than either of us is willing to admit?” He stared hard into her eyes. “Do you accept?”

She uncrossed her arms. “I accept.”

He smiled and gestured to the door. “Then let us go back to the keep so that I may start you on your journey to becoming a Scot and find my own Scottish roots along the way.”

“I can be a formidable opponent,” she said.

His smile grew. “I would expect nothing less from you.”