Where did the idea for the series come from?

It’s always a writer’s challenge to come up with a new idea for a story right after the last book in a series is written–when you’ve been with those characters for years, over the course of many books. For me, I always love the characters after having lived with them for so long, and it’s hard to let them go. Until that new idea comes upon you and you are excited to explore new places and new characters, and perhaps deal with new situations that you haven’t written about before.

That was what happened after I finished the Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars series. I had come to know those characters so well, but I needed to let them go. Between writing books, I like to soak in a lot of things I don’t have time for while writing–taking trips, going to museums, reading magazines, watching movies, and reading anything and everything! I like to call these things filling the “well”. My well gets dry after writing, so it is wonderful to fill it up again with colors and textures, and sights and sounds, and being open to the things around you. Which is where I always get my next idea.

And that is exactly what happened with The Highland Bachelor series. I wanted to come up with a series that could launch with a Christmas theme and to introduce all the characters at once. That’s when the idea came to me, of course it was in the shower where all good ideas usually come, that I wanted to write The Bachelorette in 17th century Scotland. I would have one hero win the heroine in the first book, then explore the other characters more in their own books, each being worthy of their own true love.

The next challenge was to create six worthy heroes.

Who Are the Men of The Highland Bachelor Series?

There were six suitors who responded to Lady Margaret’s plea for help on Lady Jane Lennox’s behalf. Lady Margaret asked these me to come to Bellhaven Castle and to compete for Jane’s hand in marriage. The winner of each competition would be awarded time alone with Jane to court her. The men who were invited were from Jane’s past, men who would have done anything to help her, and one stranger who was intrigued by such an unusual offer.

Who are these men? I’d like to introduce you to the Highlanders:

Sir Nicholas Kincaid (A Laird for Christmas)

Nicholas Kincaid is a soldier of fortune. He has fought battles all his life against the English, his own countrymen, and even his own father who brutalized him. As a young man he’d thought he’d escaped all that when he first met Jane, only to be tossed back into the chaos by her brother, who found Nicholas unworthy of her love. But as a fighter, Nicholas was not about to give up the one thing he truly wanted in this life: Jane.

Hollister Cay, Lord Galloway (A Laird for Christmas)

Hollister Cay is a polished, sophisticated laird who has everything he’s ever wanted in this life, except someone to challenge his emotions. No one has yet to touch his heart in a meaningful way, and he would trade his entire fortune to find a woman who could fill that empty void inside him.


This Laird of MineJules MacIntyre (This Laird of Mine)

Jules MacIntyre is a man falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death. Through the efforts of Lady Jane Lennox, he’s not hanged, but imprisoned instead for over a year until his mysterious release. But with his release comes the new challenge of turning his ruin of an estate and the ruin of his life into something worth fighting for.

A Laird of Her OwnDavid Buchanan (A Laird of Her Own, coming soon)

David Buchanan is a hunter and a protector. His instincts are finely honed when it comes to chasing man or beast. Yet when it comes to women…he has no experience at all. But as a man used to conquest, can he surrender himself to the gentler emotions and open himself to love?


A Laird in Shining Armor Colin Taylor (A Laird in Shining Armor, coming soon)

Colin Taylor is a charmer and a warrior. He’s a sword for hire, having no past of his own, or no alliances to anyone. His warring has made him a wealthy man, but he lacks the one thing he desires most: knowledge of who he is. Abandoned as a child, Colin longs to discover the truth about himself. Is he truly the son of a tailor as his name suggests, the bastard son of a noble, or someone else?

Bryce MacAllister is a notorious bad boy. He’s never been in line to inherit, he’s never had to shoulder responsibility, and he thinks the world owes him something. He shows the world a tough exterior because inside he thinks he is unlovable, unworthy and soulless. Isn’t that what his father always tried to beat into him?

Jacob Lennox always tried to be the perfect son. His mother died giving birth to him, and he has felt that burden his whole life while trying to make amends to his father and sister. He’s always wanted a life filled with adventure and excitement, but he had to put aside his dreams to care for his family until war took his life in a new direction.

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