Summertime is Contest Time!

Summertime’s long days seem to be the perfect time for reading! To celebrate summer, a new release, and reading fun, I’m giving away two signed copies of BORDER LORD’S BRIDE along with a variety of other fun promotional items and a $10 Starbucks card to two lucky winners. Simply leave a comment on the blog post before September 1st.  Two winners will be randomly drawn from those who leave a comment below.

What is your favorite way to spend a hot summer day?


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  1. Reading! I spend my hot summer days reading on the couch with my 2 kitty boys. I have at least 3 of your books on my Kindle, Gerri. Thank you!

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  2. Since I live in Texas, where it is hotter than an oven and more humid than a sauna in the summer, I spend most of my time indoors. Which means reading in my favorite chair, sipping iced tea. And, at the moment, with the TV on so I can cheer on the US athletes at the Olympics!

  3. I love reading your books. After i read your book i can not wait till the next one comes out. Keep the books coming

  4. Tis the time to kick back with a cool glass of tea/ water/lemonade/ or coffee (my mother loved iced coffee), AND a good book. It has been hot out here in the high desert of CA. (we are about 3,000 ft & miss most of the moisture from the coast). But, Arizona & Mexico send us the Monsoons which arrive as humidity! I know, poor babies, when the rest of the country has humidity on a regular basis. But with 103-106 temps. we are melting! Loved the new series about the six bachelors. Will definitely look for those.
    Stay cool!!

  5. Thanks for a super-cool Summertime giveaway!

    No AC, but more than one electric fan in each room. I have to alternate so that the fans can “cool down”. Sweet iced tea with lemon, keep it fresh, and keep it coming! Eventually, I will have an Iced Tea IV : ) I keep my hair neat and pinned up off my neck. I am a true Southern woman, and I do use talcum powder. I have a number of light, gauzy tops that I mix and match with different pants. Hose–fuggetaboutit! I don’t have a shower, just a nice, deep old claw-foot tub. A tepid, almost cool bath with a citrus-scented bath gel and soap is very refreshing. Finally, at the end of a long, hot day…strip down to basics…grab the tea…and turn the fan on full blast!!! Settle in and cool down with the PC, the TV, and a good book or two…and then I’ll start to feel human again!

  6. Reading your books is relaxing anytime. You help me loose 68 pounds and make time for reading.

  7. OMG, just returned from RWA nationals! Pitched five times and listened to so many gifted authors give advice and tell their personal stories. So many exciting aspects, I can’t even begin to select my favorite part…down to the pajama party atmosphere of enjoying a companion author as a roommate. Love medieval, delving into contemporary and erotic. Wow, I could stay up all night reading. And I used to think writing novels had to be easy to do and just come naturally. Haha! Someday I want to be just like you! Hope, hope, hope! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  8. Reading has always been my way of opening up my imagination. I always enjoy a good book. I like your books and i enjoy reading your blog. thanks for the contest.

  9. Enjoyed reading the blog. I live in Arizona, so the way I spend my summers is indoors by reading, sewing, and trying to stay cool. Did I mention I do a lot of mall walking!

  10. My favorite thing to do on a hot summer day is have a glass of iced tea and read a book. Congratulations on reaching #1!

  11. I LOVE to write! I’m a very new author of about one year regarding published books. My older sister, an advid reader, pointing my attentions in your direction. I’m open to taking in all positive and productive advise, ideas and pointers availed to me. While I’d be thrilled to be a winner, recieving one of your autographed books,I would very much welcome advice from you as a successfully author to (me)a begginer author. I am signed up for, included in, read and study may author advice programs. My older sister thinks extremely highly of you as an author and suggested I include you in my future author advise endeavors! Thank you.

    • I put in a good work, nominate and second the nomination for my sister; Nancy Frerich, to recieve an autographed book from the outstanding author; Gerri Russel! She LOVES to read and always spreads the good news to those around her.

  12. My favorite thing to do on a hot summer day…
    Would have to be going to the lake and sitting on a tube just floating around with friends!
    In Minnesota we don’t get many of those kinds of days so we enjoy them when we can!

  13. We don’t really have many hot summer days, at least compared to the hot Arizona days of my youth, but I just turn on a floor fan or open the front door to let in the breeze. Then I do whatever I normally do on any other day.

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