Flirting with Felicity in the News

My first contemporary novel has gotten some fun press I wanted to share.

The Boca Raton Observer included FLIRTING WITH FELICITY in an April 2015 article entitled, “Happy Endings” by Linda Haase. Ms. Haase writes, “This sweet tale includes all the requisite ingredients for love and…the journey is a good, lighthearted read.”

Boca Raton Observer



Luxury-themed magazine DuJour featured FLIRTING WITH FELICITY in a February 2015 article entitled “Romance Novels You’ll Actually Love.” Claiming these top books are “anything but cheesy,” the magazine says:

If you like your romance served with delectable treats…Geri Russell’s Flirting with Felicity takes the story into the kitchen, with a lovable chef and a relentless billionaire.


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