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Flirting with Felicity in the News

My first contemporary novel has gotten some fun press I wanted to share.

The Boca Raton Observer included FLIRTING WITH FELICITY in an April 2015 article entitled, “Happy Endings” by Linda Haase. Ms. Haase writes, “This sweet tale includes all the requisite ingredients for love and…the journey is a good, lighthearted read.”

Boca Raton Observer



Luxury-themed magazine DuJour featured FLIRTING WITH FELICITY in a February 2015 article entitled “Romance Novels You’ll Actually Love.” Claiming these top books are “anything but cheesy,” the magazine says:

If you like your romance served with delectable treats…Geri Russell’s Flirting with Felicity takes the story into the kitchen, with a lovable chef and a relentless billionaire.


Flirting With Something New

Hi Readers, The holidays are over and the new year begins. I hope your celebrations were peaceful and joyous. For me, 2015 started with a bang as my first contemporary romance, Flirting With Felicity, launched as a Kindle First selection for January. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing historical romances, but sometimes things happen that shift the course we thought we were following in a new direction. Flirting with Felicity was a book I was truly inspired to write as it pulled together so many of my favorite things–cooking, Italy, Hawaii, and of course my hometown of Seattle.

A huge thank you to all of you for your support of Flirting with Felicity even before the official release date of February 1. I’ve heard from so many of you saying you are reading the book and enjoying it, and thank you so very much for the reviews. Those reviews really matter so I’m hugely grateful so many of you have taken time to post one at Amazon!

Let me know if you’ve read the story yet. I’m dying to hear what you think! I’ve got a thank you prize for one of you so be the first person to comment and you’ll win a copy of A Laird For Christmas, a Starbucks drink card and other reader treats.

A Laird for Christmas Release Day

A Laird for Christmas is loosely based on the hit TV series The Bachelorette. Though I must admit that I have never watched an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, I found the high concept of the show fascinating. I started thinking about women over the ages and how they approached finding that special… Continue Reading

Daughters of the Forgotten Realms are coming!

I’m very excited to share the newest cover for the Daughters of the Forgotten Realms series. The three-book series begins with Passion’s Storm. Here’s a short blurb of what’s to come: Ianthe of Lyonesse is a sorceress whose magic cannot save her people. Alexander Warenne is a warrior who’s never known defeat yet is now a captive in… Continue Reading